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November 1, 2015A Rescue Mission

Rescue Caitlan’s mistress from cruel captivity in Castle Kilgrave. She is a great worker-of-magic, who has done much good in her time. She has fallen captive to an evil one with a few evil tricks of Art, who fears and…

September 16, 2015The Haunted Warehouse

Three ten-days ago, a noted seller of spices and teas (from far-off Tashalar, Tharsult and Calimsham vanished from his shop. Street talk has it that Mousomyn Bhuir, his family, and staff all went missing. The warehouse was locked and barred…

November 26, 2010Secret Manuscript – Part 1

The party is given the task of completing the recovery of a manuscript and returning it to Vandergahast in Suzail. The party has thirty days to return to Suzail beginning five days from Uktar 1358 DR, Third-Day.

November 26, 2010Wolfmasters

Return the Wolfmasters or their charter dues and a written apology.

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