Rules are based on d20 v.3.5 Core Rules along with Monkey Mansion House Rules. Here you will find gaming resources for the Forgotten Realms world. God and DM does not lay claim to the external sources, as information may not be accurate or valid. This content is provided for resource purposes only. All copyrights belong to the source content owners.

Realm Calendar

Months (30 day months in Gregorian order): Hammer, Alturiak, Ches, Tarsakh, Mirtul, Kythorn, Flamerule, Eleasis, Eleint, Marpenoth, Uktar, Nightal.

Days of the week (three tendays make up a month) commonly referred as :first-day, second-day, third-day, … thirtieth-day.

Forgotten Realms Currency (3.5 Ed.): 1 Platinum =

  • 1 Platinum
  • 10 Gold
  • 100 Silver
  • 1000 Copper
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